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Armika Berkley


A newer Bay Area transplant, Armika Berkley is the Regional Director / VP Strategy & Operations for Kaiser Permanente Northern California, with responsibility for advancing areas of regional strategic priorities for the multi-service lines. She’s spent her career developing and integrating innovative statistical approaches to advance public health initiatives, increasing access to healthcare, ensuring operational efficiency and advancing healthcare research specifically targeting underserved populations. Armika values Service, Equity, Knowledge and Innovation and has been dedicated to serving diverse populations in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. Armika holds a Doctor of Science (DSc) Health Care Administration at the University of Alabama Birmingham, Masters of Public Health with an emphasis in Behavioral Studies, and Bachelors of Art in Psychology from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee.

Her role on 4Cs of Alameda County’s Board of Directors aligns perfectly with her personal mission to serve underserved, under-resourced, diverse communities. She whole-heartedly agrees with 4Cs’ conviction that the best way to impact young children is to educate and support the adults who care for them.



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