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Lo Básico de un Contrato y Políticas 

Virtual Event

Esta formación se tratará de redactando su contrato y sus formularios y el establecimiento de políticas y procedimientos sobre y actualizando su contrato con respecto a COVID-19.

Parent Café: Communication

Virtual Event

We welcome you to join our discussion-based virtual café. This evening will provide space to connect with other parents and caregivers on the topic of communication with our young ones! All participants will receive a $25 gift card and will be entered into a raffle.

Preventative Health, Safety and Nutrition for Child Care Providers

Virtual Event

The curriculum trains child care providers who are new to the field or experienced early care and education professionals who are taking the course to update their knowledge and make sure they are up-to-date. The course meets the state-mandated 8-hour Preventative Health, Safety & Nutrition requirement, as well as instruction in the prevention of lead exposure.

Contracts & Policies Made Simple

Virtual Event

There are two documents that all FCC programs should understand, have, and be using. First is the Contract (your legal financial assurance that you will get paid) and second, the Policies & Procedures, often called the Parent Handbook (the written rules of your program). What should each document cover, and why? Come and let’s get this cleared up, protect your business, and take a step closer to your successful future. 

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